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Writing Workshop Program: Saundra Mitchell at the Lake County Public Library

saundra mitchell

June 21, 2021
5-6:30 pm CT

Lake County Public Library
This event is virtual.

Saundra Mitchell will present “Teen Fanfic: Your Words, Their Playground,” a virtual Writing workshop, at 5 p.m. CT on Monday, June 21, at lake county public library.

Join us for a special writing workshop with author, Saundra Mitchell, discussing fanfic, its history and tropes, and popular examples of it, part of the Indiana Authors Awards Speaker Program. AGES 13-18.

Author and editor, Saundra Mitchell, will guide us on an exploration into the world of fan fiction! Topics will include the history of fanfic, its main tropes and genres (like AU and wing-fic), and a dive into the various communities that form around certain fandoms.

Also, in connection with Pride Month in June, Saundra Mitchell will discuss her experience with queer-centric writing, specifically LGBTQ+ fiction for young adults. Topics of being queer, being a queer writer & editor, and how LGBTQ+ culture informs a writer’s perspective will be discussed.