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Annie Sullivan

The Unicorn Legacy: Tangled Magic

Part fantasy, part mystery, but all fun, Kamilla Benko’s middle grade novel The Unicorn Legacy: Tangled Magic introduces readers to another story set in the land of Arden, where Benko’s The Unicorn Quest series takes place. However, readers don’t need to be familiar with her previous work to enjoy this one, as it stands alone from her previous series.  

In this new adventure, readers meet a delightful cast of characters living in a realm where unicorns are filled with enchantment but becoming hard to find, especially with a unicorn hunter on the loose. And no one’s more worried about the presence of the unicorn slayer than twelve-year-old Olivia Hayes.  

After a series of unfortunate incidents paint Olivia and her family as prime suspects in these dastardly unicorn crimes, Olivia knows she needs to fight to clear her family’s name. But there’s one major problem. She’s stuck at the new Unicorn Academy with kids from across the realm’s four Guilds as they learn to hone their powers of either Tilling, Spinning, Forging, or Gemming.  

It’s bad enough Olivia didn’t even discover what her powers were until she reached the famed academy, but as rumors swirl about her loyalties, Olivia fights to find friends she can trust to help her uncover the truth about what’s really happening the to the unicorns, how her family is tied to it, and who’s behind it all.  

Benko skillfully brings together a diverse cast of characters to both help — and betray — Olivia on her quest for answers. And behind every new chapter lies more twists and turns as readers race right along with Olivia to help her save her family and Arden’s unicorns. And readers will be breathless — in the best possible way — all the way up to the last page.  

Benko truly weaves a magical tale about the importance of family, friendship, and believing in yourself — even if you accidentally turn the Mayor into a mushroom. Readers are in for a fun, quirky adventure packed with magical elements that feel new and fresh — not to mention prose more magical than the creatures on the page. This book will certainly be an enchanting addition to any young reader’s shelf. 

Annie Sullivan is the author of three young adult fantasy novels published by an imprint of HarperCollins, a middle grade book in partnership with the Indiana Soybean Alliance, a “…For Dummies” book, and a forthcoming picture book from Penguin Random House. She grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her master’s degree in Creative Writing from Butler University. She loves fairytales, everything Jane Austen, and traveling. You can follow her adventures on Instagram (@annsulliva) or on her blog:

Kamilla Benko is the bestselling author of Frozen II: Forest of Shadows and The Unicorn Quest trilogy. She spent most of her childhood climbing into wardrobes, trying to step through mirrors, and plotting to run away to an art museum. Now, she visits other worlds as an author. She currently lives in Indiana next to a friendly willow tree. 

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