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Indiana Authors Awards Honoree

Sofi Keren

Sofi Keren

2020 Genre Shortlist, 2020 Emerging Shortlist

Sofi Keren is the pen name of Summer Jewel Keown, a native Hoosier who has lived most of her life in Indiana, sometimes moving away for a while, but always finding her way home. She enjoys setting stories in Indianapolis, particularly those featuring LGBTQ+ characters. Painted Over is her first novel, published by Bella Books. Her short stories have been published under the name Summer Jewel Keown in Pulp Literature, Bikes Not Rockets, Hoosier Lit, and So it Goes, the literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Find out more about Painted Over and other forthcoming work by following Sofi on, on Facebook @TheWriterSofi, and on Twitter @Keren_Sofi. 

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